• 1 Article : 500 Words
  • Cost: 350

SEO Content Writing

SEO campaigns succeed when your content is focused on two audiences - search engine crawlers and human readers. When planning your content calendar, attach topics to keywords that your audience will be searching for. By doing this, you give every page that you publish an SEO purpose.

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  • Backlinks : 10,000
  • Cost: 5,000

Link Building/ Backlink Creation

Links are vital to ensure visibility in the search engines. Although Google now use more than 200 signals in their algorithm for scoring websites, hyperlinks are still one of the most important signals to maximise a site visibility. Link building can be confusing, time intensive & frustrating, however improving link & social signals is a must for all websites who wish to be competitive in the search results.

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  • Daily Visits : 120 for 60 Days
  • Cost: 5,000

Web Traffic

This is achieved by bidding on specific search terms, or keywords, people use to find things online (your city flowers, tubular steel, shoes, country molded plastics supply, just to name a few of the countless possible terms a business can bid on). Your ad will show whenever your search terms are used. When a consumer clicks on your ad, you pay the nominal fee you bid on for that search term.

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