What ?

Business promotion is a marketing technique aimed at increasing demand for products in retail stores based on various factors such as geographical area, use of product, type and size of market, special pricing and more. Public relation is also essential for business to achieve future goals and customer perception in favor of organization.

How ?

Quleiss' business promotion planning solution and proven marketing strategies that helps organization to create successful promotion in less time. We provide spectrum of Business-pro & PR related services across a wide range of sectors.

Why ?

Promotion of business and maintaining good comany relationship with customers is essential in these days. Promoting your brand will help you in many different ways. It includes creating brand awareness among customers, impression of quality of a brand on customers, build sales and profit.

The flexible promotional Solution for any kind of industry

Quleiss application for retail industry gives competitive advantage over other industry and establishing themselves in a niche market. Quleiss software solution for online booking site help your business run 24/7 and increase sales and generate more revenue.
Quleiss ecommerce as-a-service solutions used latest technology helps to expand your business, enhance your customer experience and growing revenue. Our cloud based SaaS ecommerce platform allow to build promotions that suit your e-commerce business.
Quleiss gives you the power to easily and accurately plan successful future promotions, incorporate their impact into the overall retail planning process and evaluate their effectiveness.
Education sector promotion is very challenging and with the rise digital marketing is becoming even more competitive and complex. We build successfull comprehensive content marketing strategies focuses on sales or leads whether it is for students, staff, parents or business partners or promoting events.
The innovations, developments and changing trends of the digital age have greatly affected telecommunication industry. Quleiss helps you to overcome challenges in digitalization process, acuiring new customer, promote services as product, central product information system allows you to bundle your services for promotional purposes and market them efficiently across all channels.

Our Services in PR include

Quleiss Business promotion offers spectrum of services includes website design, social media marketing, promotion of product, branding, seo, frees you from having worry about digital marketing.

We not just developed attractive websites but gives unique customer experience that adds value to your business. SEO is a integral part of our web design and development , we offers best of class services whether it is business consulting, E-Commerce Implementation, Brand Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, PHP Application Development, Cloud Application Deployment and various other aspect of services. We leverage latest technology with innovation to achieve rapid growth and faster results, by our Growth Hacking services.

  • Concept Communications
  • Communications strategy
  • Media training
  • Corporate communications
  • Investor communications
  • CSR Communications
  • Internal communications
  • Marketing communications
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Media relations / placement
  • Digital / social media strategy and execution