Easy access to your business


Quleiss' cloud services helps enterprises to scale business, react faster to the needs of your business, enhance customer experience, enble employee to access business application from anywhere and accelerate business growth. Cloud computing change the way business function and process. Our cloud based solution effectively addressed challenges faced by enterprises in cutting down costs for legacy system and infrastructure, complexity in digital transformation and software risks that could lead to disruption of services for customers.

Cloud Computing is a promising paradigm for delivering computing utilities as services. Following are key benefits of cloud computing.

  • Cloud computing allows your business to easily upscale or downscale your IT requirements as and when required.
  • Cloud computing allows your employees to be more flexible – both in and out of the workplace.
  • Private cloud computing is a solution for scalable, customized and secure resources where control has to reside with your internal IT department.
  • Rapid elasticity, which allows for quick scalability or downsizing of resources depending on demand.
  • Cloud computing improves business agility and accelerate business growth.

Is your software cloud ready ?

Our cloud expert team analyze business application's cloud readiess and build cloud migration roadmap from start to end. Assessing workloads and aligning them to an appropriate cloud type and a relevant platform(infrastructure as a service, platform as a service or software as a service) is a pivotal step in cloud migration strategy.

Industry specific Solution:

We also serves industry with services include consulting services, mobility , automation, achieving Industry 4.0 by using technologies like Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and systematically and holistically undertake the change of digital journey.

Banking and Financial Institutions: A financial services has lot of market opportunities from cloud computing. Our Cloud-based solution for financial services help to achieve cost savings, ease of scaling-in and scaling-out, faster time-to-market, virtualization of enterprise-wide data as a service, enterprise technology standardization and the ability to access data and applications.

E-Commerce Industry: Our Cloud-based e-commerce applications allow companies to respond quickly to market opportunities and challenges, enable IT and business leaders to evaluate new opportunities without large upfront investments. We collaborate with an experienced CSP to develop a solution that supports organization’s long-term online sales objectives, and outlines current and future technology needs.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry have changed significantly with the growing impact of consumerism, digitalization, preventative healthcare and regulations. To effectively address these industry trends, cloud computing is playing a more prominent role in healthcare IT – a shift that is expected to accelerate in the future.

Telecommunication: Competition, cost pressures, and the demand for services and applications anytime, anywhere, and on any device are forcing telecom service providers to consider alternative delivery models to acquire and deliver IT services demanded by their customers. With a cloud computing services model, service providers can insert themselves into the value chain by redefining their roles to expand beyond connectivity and provide Web-based application delivery services.

Retail: The flexibility of cloud technology can be utilized to satisfy customers, improve the overall business process and save the company plenty of money. Our Cloud-based platforms makes a retail enterprise brings new innovation to a business.