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Digitalization, shifting economy and adoption of newer techonologies are changing the business rapidly.These disruptions happening around call for digital transformation of enterprises.Digitization can increase the productivity of organizations, create new business opportunities, improve management decisions, and speed the development of new products and services. Digitalization helps organizations to replace old methods and pactices reduce the cost of delivery.

Quleiss consulting enables the organizations to achieve business transformation by digital transformation. Quleiss' business transformation tools and services convert business processes, people, structures, culture, customer experience, measurement and product innovation. We constantly reviewing what our customer needs and seeing how technology can help meet them and drive revenue.

How Quleiss Helps

Quleiss' consulting build the right capabilities for organisations to remain relevant in the digitized environment, achieve growth, and fend off competitive threats. Our focus is to work with you to achieve your business goals and help you to embrace digitization in the right places at the right time gives competitive edge over other organisations.

  • seizes competitive advantage and produces value
  • seamless your business
  • reduce time to market and time to sale
  • empower customer interaction
  • Digital transformation of functional areas such as supply chain, product development, sales, finance, marketing, automotive sector and workforce management.

We have proven methodologies as we have vast experience in working with various vertical industries, gives us capabilities to effectively address your business challenges and offers various software solutions for your business. Quleiss offers other services includes HR payroll, CRM Services, Process Automation, ,Digital Services, Growth Hacking, Mobility Services, and application solution includes ERP Services, Product selling software, Mobile Application Development and many other aspect of services. Our software is a cloud based SaaS application that can be 100% trailored as per your business needs and organizational structure and process flow.

Quleiss' consulting helps you to build right statergy for your business to achieve your business goals:

Value Chain: Quleiss' innovative digital solution reduce costs and add value at every stage of a product’s life-cycle in areas of manufacturing, marketing and sales, distribution and after-sales service. Digitalization in value chain generate more value for their own organizations and the customers they serve. We promises to turn existing business models to revolutionary new applications by new applications such as cloud and Internet of Things.

Business Statergy: We envisage right digital statergy what companies sseks to accomplish, enhance your business performance, provide new business opportunities, improve the quality of life for your customers.

Digital ecosystem: This ecosystem will be based on full implementation of a wide range of digital technologies — the cloud, big data, the Internet of Things. They are enabling new business models, the digitization of products and services, and the digitization and integration of every link in a company’s value chain

Integrated Supply chain: The key elements needs in your supply chain are integrated planning and execution, logistics visibility, smart warehousing, efficient spare part management and digital supply chain. By adopting to these parts as a whole gives huge advantages to companies in customer service, flexibility, efficiency, and cost reduction

Optimize administrative process: Quleiss' helps you to optimize pricing, costs and efficiency of your business by digitized business environment in finance and accounting.

Cost Savings: Easier and efficient business processes like Gains in time and productivity, Lower materials consumption, higher accuracy, Stronger business information, improved analytics and better process control.

Customer Relationship Management: Innovation of CRM improved service capabilities to customers thereby, considerably increase your business profits, build longer, more profitable customer relationships beyond just sales and marketing.