Digital Services
Develop new business ideas
Turning your vision in to reality through digital design strategy gives your business new shape.

Digital Business and Transformation

In today's world to prevent from extinction digitization become must for every business. The world also observing undergoing change in global economy with digital transformation. Eeveryday online connections among people, businesses, devices, data, and processes giving rise to digital economy. The backbone of the automotive sector digital economy are mobility, big data, social media, cloud, and artificial intelligence. Undermining the old traditional practices and shifting to digital transformation create fundamentally new processes, services and business models.

What is digital business and its' advantages? Digital Business is the creation of new business designs by combining the digital and physical worlds, bringing your dream to reality. The focus of digital transformation is not just to adopt new technologies but it is consumer. Leveraging new technologies offers competitive advantage for organisations, empowered consumers, better customer experience, increase revenue, generating massive opportunities for organisations, enable you to create new innovative products and services.

How Quleiss Helps

Quleiss' consulting build the right capabilities for organisations to remain relevant in the digitized environment, achieve growth, and fend off competitive threats. Our focus is to work with you to achieve your business goals and help you to embrace digitization in the right places at the right time gives competitive edge over other organisations.

  • seizes competitive advantage and produces value
  • seamless your business
  • reduce time to market and time to sale
  • empower customer interaction
  • Digital transformation of functional areas such as supply chain, product development, sales, finance, marketing, automotive sector and workforce management.

Quleiss' consulting helps you to build right statergy for your business to achieve your business goals in following areas:

Value Chain: Quleiss' innovative digital solution reduce costs and add value at every stage of a product’s life-cycle in areas of manufacturing, marketing and sales, distribution and after-sales service. Digitalization in value chain generate more value for their own organizations and the customers they serve. We promises to turn existing business models to revolutionary new applications by new applications such as cloud and Internet of Things.

Business Statergy: We envisage right digital statergy what companies sseks to accomplish, enhance your business performance, provide new business opportunities, improve the quality of life for your customers.

Digital ecosystem: This ecosystem will be based on full implementation of a wide range of digital technologies — the cloud, big data, the Internet of Things. They are enabling new business models, the digitization of products and services, and the digitization and integration of every link in a company’s value chain

Internet of Things(IoT): IoT is bridging the physical and digital worlds opened up a lot of opportunities for new businesses. Each company will find different opportunities in the Internet of Things, but all companies share the desire to increase revenue, scale efficiently and set themselves apart from competition.

Digital Supply Networks(DSN): Digitalization and IoT add technological capabilities to organizations to Shift from traditional supply chain to digital supply network. DSN characteristics are "Always-on" agility, connected community, Intelligent optimization, end-to-end transparency and holistic decision making.