What ?

eLearning software enables you to deliver courses and instruction electronically via the Internet.with the help of e-Learning tools you can easily build your tests & courses.

How ?

eLearning software has primaty goal is to help the students reach their educational objective, to keep the students engaged in the online learning material.using eLearning tool your administrators will be able to create reports, update content, and assign courses.

Why ?

online learning helps you to save money and increase workplace productivity. Using elearning, you can give employees and students the freedom to learn at their own convenience, and at a place that is right for them.

Main Features

Video Learning
Using Video learning facility we provide you online video learning facility to improve knowledge and learner engagement. online training video has to support the learning objectives.
eLearning can be done in short period of time that can fit around your daily schedule. you don't have to reserve your time for entire day to training, insted of you can learn anytime, anywere.
Virtual Learning Environment
Virtual learning is often created to enable interested persons or learners to have access to educational material like texts, visuals, quizzes, etc available on it.
Anytime, Anywhere Access
you can Create courses that work everywhere across tablets, smartphones using elearning software. you can access courses material anytime no need to reserve your time.
Superb Analytics
Analytics can analyze system data that can be used to make educational analysis and predictions which will help to determine which learning materials are appropriate, useful or irrelevant for the learners.
you can Keep your all data secure in One Place, Prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your account and content using our software.the system can keep your sensitive information absolutely safe.

Additional features and Integrations

E-Learning platform provides platform to student to learn online with ease. E-Learning with ERP make automation of activities and managing daily tasks. Instead of managing content, study material, technical papers in a book or register, you can maintain all these data via., ERP software.

We offer different types of solutions, ERP services, end-to-end solutions to different scale of industries, offered various software solutions such as HR payroll, CRM, hotal management software, travel management software, Product selling software and many other services.

Account Management CRM

Learning Management System

This component is designed for students, employees. Our Learning Management System is used for students training, employee training, customer training, compliance training, and partner training.

real estate lead management software

Online Course Builder

set Online Course Builder for creation of course content. this tool supports multiple formats. Course content is added in the form of modules which will build your course helps to manage studies.

crm for real estate lead management

Instructor-Led Training

Schedule virtual or classroom training with our intuitive Instructor Led Training module. Built to be simple and used by everyone.which will save your time, no need to attend daily class.