What ?

HR Management Payroll Software is a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology through HR software.It has automated software system which can help to elevate productivity levels and can change the way that your company is perceived in the modern marketplace.

How ?

The HR Payroll Software manages companies data, employee histories, skills, abilities, salaries, review performance. Each module performs a separate function, payroll modules can assist with Managing payroll, Gathering, storing and accessing employee information, Performance evaluation, Analytics and informed decision making.

Why ?

Payroll Management Software integrates with acquiring, storing, analysing and distributing information that is easy to keep all necessary data in a single system.

Main Features

Recruitment Management
Recruitment management tool facilitating entire recruitment process, It reduces paper and spreadsheets works that is helpful to save the time. Reducing the time spent on emailing, screening, assigning interview, and other administrative tasks, it helps recruiters to actually focus on identifying the right candidates.
Performance Management
Performance Management tool will monitors the performance of individuals to help and grow the organization. This is completely an automatic process With the help of this process no need of any traditional paper work.
Training Management
With Training Module, HR staff will be able to arrange the trainings that employees need to attend and assign the training to employees or departments. After assigned training to employee email notification is sent to employees asking them to attend and complete the trainings.
Task and Timesheet Management
This module is helpful for employees to access detailed task information and timesheets without having to contact the management team for every two minutes. employees can easily find out what they need to be tracking, prioritizing their tasks.
Grievance management
Grievance management tool helps in Tracking the status of employees who have submitted grievances, along with dates and outcomes.
Leave Management
Leave Management system allows you to track, manage and report on employee leave. You can also generate different types of reports.

Additional features and Integrations

Hr payroll system automate all processes related to HR such as employee salary, recruitment, appraisals, training, promotion and final settlement, etc. It is also include as a module we provides in ERP software

We offer different types of solutions, ERP services, end-to-end solutions to differner scale of industries, offered various software solutions such as Automobile ERP, CRM, real estate crm, hotal management software, travel management software and many other services.

Centralize HR Data

Manage your all HR administrative data from a single central location. Search employees, set favorites, view organization trees and analyze reports from a single dashboard.

ERP for quality management

Company Information Management

This feature allow you Company business documents management, Company legal documents management, holiday schedule management.

Suppliers and Purchasing

Applicants Management

Arrange All applicants records and contact information, Applicant status management, Applicants interview setup. Applicant tracking system helps you to upload, manage and track your applicants through entire recruitment management process.