Reshaping your business to meet digital transformation


Industrial leaders should digitize essential functions within their operations processes, if the vision of industry 4.0 to be achieved. While embracing digitization, it is critical to assess and address the challenges that exist. one critical element is transforming traditional supply chain toward a connected, smart, and highly efficient supply chain ecosystem. Quleiss' envision solution for Industry 4.0, which seamlessly integrates connected manufacturing. The digital supply chain, as we envision it, consists of eight key elements: integrated planning and execution, logistics visibility, Procurement 4.0, smart warehousing, efficient spare parts management, autonomous and B2C logistics, prescriptive supply chain analytics, and digital supply chain enablers.

Quleiss expanding its Industry 4.0 solution in growing technologies (e.g. intelligent robots, autonomous drones, sensors, 3D printing). The integrated cloud-enabled services such as remote management, big data analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence (BI) can provide benefits such as remote monitoring to enable exception management and advanced process control. The business goal of the digital supply chain is to deliver the right product into the customer’s hands as quickly as possible — but also to do so responsively and reliably, while increasing efficiency and cutting costs through automation.

Our approach to partnership

The digital transformation to industry 4.0 create new opportunities and value to the business. We develop statergy and roadmap for your journey to the digital transformation. The digital journey is full of challenges, to effectively addressed this require right partnerships.

Industry 4.0 Offerings:

We also serves industry with services include consulting services, mobility, automation, achieving Industry 4.0 by using technologies like IoT, cloud computing and systematically and holistically undertake the change of digital journey.

Increase competitiveness: The digital transformation to industry 4.0 will increase their competitiveness and give competitive edge over other companies. The digital transformation to industry 4.0 will have an impact right across both local and global value chains in low-cost as well as high-cost countries.

Utilise opportunities and reduce risks: Industry 4.0 make it easier to analyse machine data, helping to enhance quality and avoid faults in the production process.

IoT for manufacturing: Quleiss' IoT solution and cognitive approach enhance business operation, better insight of data and decision making, product innovation, improve asset reliability and optimize assets and processes to give larger benefits.

Facility Management: Internet oF Things(IoT) for facility management , is a integrated management solution that effectively combines data from machine and physical things to improve building’s management and operations.

Use impetus from exponential technologies: Quleiss help industry to use the scope offered by engineering and exponential technologies in their development, production and logistics processes.