In todays mobile centric world, business changing in accordance to how customer relate with businesses. With the increase in the power of mobility, enterprise need to gain early traction on it and give ability to create better connectivity and seamless user experience. Customer expects prompt and effective service and employee need better connectivity via. mobile platforms are challenges faced by enterprise.

Mobility combined with cloud computing is changing business – to make it more immediate, more relevant, and more intelligent. Organisations has to understand how Mobility added business value and as well as prepare for a massive increase in real-time information. By leveraging mobility, companies can deliver high quality product, services and seamless experience for consumers experience. We continuously check out the latest mobility trends for you and embrace it to stand out in the competition. We provide range of services which includes enterprise mobility solution, mobile application development, mobile testing services, mobility consulting and industry focused solution.

How Quleiss Helps

Our mobility solution leads the way embracing latest mobile technology and collaborative services to achieve better business results. Our enterprise mobility technology solution impacted core business areas are :

  • Field-Force service
  • Consumer services
  • Social Loyalty
  • Support
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Enterprise Connectivity
  • Commerce
  • Single Sign on (SSO) and Security


Mobile Consulting: With rapidly changing in mobile technologies ,industry faces lot of challenges development and management of applications. We pave a path for you to tackle these challenges effectively.

Industry Services: Business is constant endeavour to enhance interconnectivity between employee, seamless experience for consumer and direct connectivity with field force. To work seamlessly employee require to access business application from anywhere and anytime. Our mobile solution offer a platform for employee productivity, collaboration and real time access to business information.

Mobile Application Development: We offers services to build mobile application which focus on core business areas. These are User Engagement,workflow automation, Commerce, employee collaboration, marketing and social loyalty, Security.

Mobility and IoT : Mobile devices and application enable employee to access business specific information from anywhere and anytime. Controlling and real time tracking of devices fitted with electronic sensors can easily managed by mobile. Mobility and IoT transform your business in to complete Digital Enterprise. Leveraging mobility solution and IoT help industry to accelerate business process, create new business opportunities and innovation.