What ?

Travel and tourism management software enable an organization to proficiently to manage the complete cycle of operations.

How ?

Useful for online travel businesses like travel agency, travel network to automate agency functions. Easy-to-use business travel and expense management software solution helps your business to save time, money and gain control.

Why ?

Travel management software will help travel management companies to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. It helps avoiding duplication, lengthy searches and possible mistakes. It lets you easily create, quote, sell, and manage the many details of your travel and tour packages.

Main Features

Tour Organization
The System will Calculate tour price, The system will also automatically copy the accommodation and link the tour with appropriate charter flight, bus.
Reservation management
The System can store your customers requirements into the system. system allows a quick and easy search of your travel products. you can make the reservation and also create centralized data. It uses powerful filtering to find the wanted reservations.
Document Creation
We support various types of documents that can be generated in PDF format. This will alow you Automatic creation of invoices, vouchers, receipits, contracts.
Financial management
you can track payments, view customer balance, create cashier reports.you can also view transactions made from online booking ,create cashier reports.
Online Booking
you can easily send your travel booking request using our online booking tool and book your seat instantly.your all travel needs are accessible just a single click.
find which services are most useful to your customers, make report that shows which guests use a certain service in certain period.

Additional features and Integrations

Our travel management software supports whether it is b2b and b2c and cater all online travel management solutions to various clients. Online travel business solution enables you to offer online booking services includes flight booking, hotel booking, car booking, transfer booking, sightseeing booking and for several other hospitality related initiatives. With ERP automate travel management system and make you hassal free from daily routine task, analyse your sell, customers, employees activities, identify your valuable customer and increase more sell, generate more leads, improve overall efficiency of organisation, better control and quick access to wide range of data, improve data accuracy, streamlined overall organisation processes and lets travel agent, tour operators to access their resources from one place.

We have proven methodologies as we have vast experience in working with various vertical industries, gives us capabilities to effectively address your business challenges and offers various software solutions for your business. Quleiss offers other web portal and application development services includes HR payroll, CRM Services, hotal management software, travel management software, ERP Services, Product selling software, eLearning ERP Software and many other aspect of services. Our software is a cloud based SaaS application that can be 100% trailored as per your business needs and organizational structure and process flow.

Account Management CRM

Enquiry Management

Quick and easy access of all your enquiries,Manage all the travel enquiries in the system. generate all the enquiry report on a single click.All kinds of enquiries can be efficiently coordinated and updated in the system.

real estate lead management software

Travel Planner

Plan your route online with our travel planner module . Find the best route online, then access route details on mobile or print. you can view upcoming trips details. View all your travel plans in one place, arrange your trip online with your friends and family.

crm for real estate lead management

Travel Desk

Travel Desk manages customer service, collect customer feedback,track issues. you can easily update your queries regarding travels in our travel desk module.